Looking for the ideal text editor


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In my work experience I've used different IDE and text editors. I used some IDE like Netbeans, Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA, which for me are very heavy to the excess of functionality they have. Then I used some text editors such as Sublime Text and VSCode. Both very good text editors that allow you to install the necessary extensions and with this you get a very powerful tool.

However there were something that personally I still didn't like completely. One of them was the unfriendly integrated terminal. Which generated that I have to open my own terminal. We developers spend a lot of time in the terminal executing different instructions. So, Why not have a text editor that runs in the terminal?

Comparing IDE and text editors I had the conclusion that I was looking for a tool that has two important features for me, lightweight and that runs in the terminal. It is there that I found VIM (NeoVim).

There are different articles describing the features of this powerful tool. For me one of them are that it allows you to use only the keyboard for navigation and editing. Another point is that you can configure it depending on what you need for your workflow. This means that it becomes a very personal tool.

Features of my personal NeoVim config

  • Supported languages: TypeScript, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, Dart
  • Supported frameworks: ReactJS, VueJS, Flutter
  • General features: Git, Fuzzy Finder, File explorer, Snippets